Cheap Auto Insurance in Jersey City, NJ

If you’re new in town, then you will probably want to get cheap auto insurance in Jersey City NJ to start things right.┬ácan help you with this through our informative articles and instant quote box. The latter is particularly effective when hunting for inexpensive plans. Just enter your zip code and it will find the current rates from nearby insurance companies – it’s by far the most convenient way to shop!

Average Jersey City Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $437 Per Year

Alas, the city’s residents shoulder one of the highest average rates in the country: a massive $2,580 per annum. This seems to be consistent with the figures across Hudson County which averages only 1.76% less. Meanwhile, the state’s mean is a good 30% lower. Don’t despair as these are just general indicators and plenty of individuals can still hope to acquire more reasonable rates.

Insurance Factors — How You’ll Stack Up in Jersey City, NJ

Your final premium cost will be dependent on a number of considerations, among them your personal details and your car’s current state. Driving history, including past traffic violations and accidents involved in, will definitely be one of the vital factors. Some things such as credit score may seem out of place, but premiums do need to be paid regularly so providers are sensitive about your likelihood of paying them on time. The list below should also give a little food for thought:

  • Location — The city has a considerable population of 247,876 according to the latest data, indicating a +3% increase since 2000. For a bustling town, it isn’t really that big with a total land area of only 14.9 square miles. The density is therefore very high, to the tune of 16,618 people per sq mi. This must be a major contributor to the soaring rates in the city. Providers dislike jam-packed areas as they produce more accidents due to the number of cars sharing the road.
  • Driving To Work — Despite being such a small town, inhabitants still take over half an hour on average to get from their homes to their offices – 33.8 minutes, to be exact. More time on the road means longer exposure to its associated dangers. Providers charge higher if a person drives a lot in terms of time or distance, especially if this coincides with the rush hour. On the bright side, they will be more than happy to give discounts to those who perennially rack up low mileage and avoid peak hours. The fatal accident count in the city is 2.9 per 100,000 while the state’s is 8 per 100,000.
  • Auto Thefts — In 2011, there were 860 cases of car thefts recorded around the city. Residents are advised to be mindful of their surroundings and take appropriate precautions, like installing sensors which trigger an audible alarm when the car is being broken into. This will be enough to throw off most thieves. Providers give generous discounts for such security measures, effectively subsidizing the cost.
  • Education — Of the city’s residents, 18.1% have college degrees. This figure is not that different from the state’s 18.8%. Degree holders and straight-A students may be eligible for educational discounts from insurance companies.

Don’t let the high average premium rate in the city intimidate you. There are plenty of providers around the city and some offer very reasonable rates. Find them now using our quote box and enjoy cheap car insurance in Jersey City!

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