New Jersey auto insurance laws

In the US, having car insurance is not just an option, but a requirement.  New Jersey auto insurance laws require people under its jurisdiction to secure the proper coverage prior to driving in public.  This is to make sure that each driver is protected well enough.  If not, then severe legal repercussions could be applied.  To prevent this, an individual must at least have liability coverage.  However, some states may require other types of coverage, such as:

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage, also known as UM/UIM, is a type of insurance policy which would be useful in case an individual gets into an accident with another motorist who is not insured or lacks enough coverage.  This is a requirement according to New Jersey auto insurance laws, with a the same standard coverage limit as that of the liability coverage.

No-Fault Auto Insurance and PIP in New Jersey

A certain vehicular accident is considered a no-fault case when none of the parties involved are to blame.  New Jersey does not have any no-fault laws whatsoever.  However, motorists are required to secure Personal Injury Protection or PIP with a standard coverage limit of $15,000 per person and up to $250,000 coverage depending on the injuries.  PIP is handy in no-fault situations, but can also be beneficial in most motor accidents, regardless of whoever is to blame.

Hands-free Laws in New Jersey

Nowadays, more and more accidents are being blamed on the use of mobile phones, either for calls or SMS.  The distraction that these provide has become alarming because of the severity of recorded accidents that resulted from merely answering a call or texting a short message while driving.  Because the number of such cases keep increasing each year, certain states in the US are implementing hand-free laws to help eliminate this problem.  The hands-free laws in New Jersey are as follows:


Hand-held ban Must be observed by all types of drivers
Teenage drivers cellphone ban Those with learner’s permits and those in the intermediate stage
Bus drivers cellphone ban Applies to drivers of school buses
Ban on texting Must be observed by all types of drivers
Enforcement Primary

New Jersey car insurance laws may be different compared to other states in the US.  It is important to keep these things in mind in order to comply and maintain safety and proper coverage in case an individual would get involved in an accident.  It is crucial for every resident in this state to learn the necessary policies in order to get the right insurance with the right coverage.  Not only will it save motorists from unwanted expenses and injuries, it would also spare them from any punishment corresponding to the law of the state of New Jersey.  Anyone wants a good discounted rate, of course, and can provide that option for drivers out there.  Simply go to the website, enter the needed details into the quote widget, and you would be presented with affordable options immediately.

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