Cheap Auto Insurance in Clifton, NJ

Everyone can benefit from a little savings and one of the best sources of this is a vehicle insurance rate cut. Discover providers of cheap auto insurance in Clifton NJ in your area through our quote box. It’s free to use for readers of Just fill in the blanks with your zip code and a few other details. It can instantly locate suitable plans and furnish their corresponding premiums.

Average Clifton Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Up to $315 Per Annum

Most of the people in Clifton cough up quite a sum to maintain their vehicle insurance coverage. According to the latest data, the mean in the city is at $2,785 — that’s 5.08% higher than in Passaic County, and 41% higher than the entire New Jersey. Residents are understandably envious of their neighbors but they don’t have to accept these rates as a fact of life. Premiums can be reduced on a case-to-case basis as shown below.

Insurance Factors — Being the Odd Case with Low Payments in Clifton, NJ

Insurance companies will go over client applications meticulously in order to come up with a fair assessment. Basically, they will charge more if a person has demonstrated a propensity to get into trouble like DUI convictions, road accidents, late payments, and so on. This makes sense as they will probably spend on this type of client as well in terms of claims. Conversely, applicants who seem to lean towards the safe side of things get charged less – this is the key to reduced premium rates. Let’s examine this closer with a few examples:

  • Location — A survey conducted in 2011 revealed that there were 84,201 people living in Clifton — a 7% increase from the figure back in 2000. The city is only 11.3 square miles in total so inhabitants are packed as high as 7,455 per sq mi. This is a big contributor to the soaring premium rates in town as dense populations tend to suffer from frequent accidents, thefts, and other issues.
  • Driving To Work — Workers in Clifton spend around 24.2 minutes on average every day to get to their offices. The number of fatal accidents in the city for 2009 was 7.7 per 100,000. Shorter drives mean less chances of accident, which in turn results in lower premiums. Avoiding the peak hours instead of facing them head-on will also merit a rate reduction.
  • Auto Thefts — The police department in Clifton has done a good job when it comes to solving the problem of car theft. Previous years saw over 400 cases in the city but by 2011, the figure was reduced to less than half. Still, motorists should do their part and stay vigilant. Installing anti-theft sensors is always a good idea, and one which can help people snag an insurance discount.
  • Education — Of the Clifton residents, 23.6% have earned their bachelor’s degree and higher. Their diligence at school may be rewarded with further discounts given that their demographic has a lower rate of accidents compared to the general population.

Stumbling upon cheap car insurance in Clifton is no longer a matter of luck. With our quote search tool, anyone can find reasonable rates in an instant. Try it now!

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