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New Jersey Auto Insurance- Facts to Know before Purchasing

Getting the most affordable automobile insurance will in most cases involve a number of intricacies. However, at the website- one will find much needed help that will simplify the process of getting cheap auto insurance in New Jersey. To be in a better position to save money, one should strive to know policies that are mandatory and those that are not necessary. It is easy to find information about basic laws that affect insurance rates in a particular state. A good deal of useful information has been highlighted below. There is also a functional quote widget that will make it possible to know about competitive New Jersey insurance deals within a few minutes!

 New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

It is possible to find affordable New Jersey car insurance despite the fact that there are a number of expensive insurers. No- fault coverage is not mandatory in this state. However, PIP cover is a bare necessity because of the need to protect the welfare of passengers. Also, vehicle owners are required to subscribe to UM/UIM cover. When dealing with any insurance service, the policy holder will have to assume a particular level of liability at any moment in time. The different liability levels have been listed below.



Most common

Bodily Injury Liability

Not Required


Property Damage Liability



Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury

Not Required


Personal Injury Protection



Medical Payments

Not Required



Not Required

500 deductible


Not Required

250 deductible

Insurance stipulations are not the only requirements that motorists have follow. Also, speed limits must be observed so as to be on the safe side of the law. These limits are of paramount importance because they facilitate road safety and steady flow of traffic. Speed limits of New Jersey have been listed below.

                        Speed Limits
Rural Interstate 65mph
Urban Interstate 55mph
Other Limited Access 65mph
Other Roads 55mph

Get More Info about the Topic New Jersey Auto Insurance

It is advisable to strive to be a very informed driver. The best driver is the one who is highly enlightened about issues like state laws and insurance requirements. So as to know requirements for obtaining license, ID and vehicle registration, one should visit New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle, website link has been indicated below:

New Jersey Department of Insurance:

The Official New Jersey State Website:

Finding Cheap Auto Insurance In New Jersey

The easiest way to qualify for special discounts as relates to New Jersey Vehicle insurance is by having a clean driving record. One should interrogate the agent carefully so as to know the types of discounts that are available. Drivers who usually park their cars at garages will easily be considered for price cuts. Also, those who normally drive during off peak hours will find it easy to convince agents to lower coverage prices. It will be good to discuss the important details of a policy with the service provider before entering into a contract.

In New Jersey, the law stipulates that all vehicles should be covered using suitable policies. Therefore, all drivers should dedicate some time and effort towards searching for cheap car insurance in New Jersey. The whole affair does not have to involve intricacies because the portal-– will offer much needed assistance. After landing on the site, one should simply enter required details inside quote widget and the best rates in a particular area will be revealed in a timely manner.

Decide to cut insurance costs and save money now- provide basic details and compare highly discounted rates!

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