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There are certain ways to tag people as high-risk drivers.  The most common types of people included here are teenage drivers, people with DUI cases, and those that needed to file an SR-22 legally.  Individuals who fall into these categories tend to have a more difficult time getting cheaper New Jersey auto insurance quotes than those with a clean record.  However, there are still affordable vehicle insurance available for these people, despite being high-risk.  Read on to learn more about each of these categories.

New Jersey Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

When it comes to driving, the majority of states in the US implement GDL or Graduated Driver Licensing.  This is meant to provide rules and restrictions for teenagers in an effort to maintain their safety on the road without hindering their opportunities to learn how to drive properly and to gather experience in doing so.  The GDL for New Jersey is summarized as follows:

GDL Law Requirements In NJ

Learner’s permit 16 years
Intermediate license 17 years
Full licensure 18 years
Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 6 months
Supervised Practice Driving No Established Requirement
Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban Yes; driving is prohibited between 11:00PM-5:00AM (intermediate license only)
Passenger Restrictions Yes; one passenger maximum
Cell Phone Use Prohibited (with the exception of emergencies)
Texting Prohibited

DUI Insurance in New Jersey

There are specific penalties one would have to face in a DUI offense within the state of New Jersey.  An individual would be imprisoned for up to 30 days; would need to pay $250-$400 or more if Blood Alcohol Content is higher than 0.10%; license suspension for 3 months or 7-12 months for 0.10% or higher Blood Alcohol Content; the possibility of an ignition interlock; a minimum DWI fee of $525; $1000 auto insurance surcharge for 3 years; and would serve 12 hours in an intoxicated driver resource center.

SR-22 Insurance in New Jersey

In terms of filing an SR-22, those who have DUI issues, uninsured motor accidents, or those driving with no proof of insurance as a requirement for reinstating their driver’s license.  The SR-22 is a type of document that needs to be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles in New Jersey as proof that the state’s minimum liability coverage is being observed and applied.  As of the present, the state of NJ still requires this document for reinstating a driver’s license.

Whether you are a teen driver or have been involved in a DUI or any other vehicle-related issues, it can be a difficult task finding the best New Jersey car insurance quotes.  You would have to consider the law and requirements of the state you are in, plus deal with the necessary paperwork that you have to accomplish and submit.  But with, the process can be a lot easier.  All you have to do is provide the necessary information in the quote widget found in this website and you will have immediate access to the best New Jersey auto insurance quotes available for you.

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